Cosmin Chita

Psychiatrist, Psychotherapist, Group Analyst, Supervisor

"What are we actually doing, we the much derided psychiatrists? We are trying to put things in order, striving to show people that being slightly reasonable is not an unnecessary burden, and that we must fight against all the dark emotions of the subconscious..."

Friedrich Glauser, Matto regiert

The illustrations show works by the artist Marlene Thiesen, a close friend and steady support (https://www.marlene-thiesen.com).


As a psychological process, intellectualizing describes first an everyday competence "to understand the actions of others and their own in terms of thoughts, feelings, desires and yearnings" (Schultz-Venrath and Felsberger 2016). This competence is acquired in the course of intellectual development and depends on the quality of the interaction with...

(adapted version of an article published in PostSkriptum, publication of the St. Gallic Psychiatry Services South, No. 1 / May 2018)