Informations for patients

The psychiatric and psychotherapeutic work is relationship-oriented and based mutual on respect and recognition. A careful assessment of the problem as well as the formulation of a treatment plan usually require two to three sessions, even if the first consultation already produces certain emotional relief. As we get to know each other, I will attempt to build a detailed life and disease history (also known as anamnesis) by posing targeted questions. I would count on you to tell me if I miss something relevant or whether the process becomes too burdensome. These pieces of feedback are particularly important for diagnostics and therapy.

Whilst the emotional suffering of a person is indeed a personal concern, it arises in a social and relationship context. The interaction between the patient and the therapist (in the here-and-now) reflects both the patient's past relationship experiences (in the there-and-then) and current life conflicts and tensions (in the here-and-there).

Treatment costs are covered by the statutory health insurance and remunerated according to the valid collective agreement (TARMED). Treatment costs include the time of the consultation, the evaluation of the interview and the documentation, as well as any services rendered in the patient's absence (e.g. contacts with referrers, document analysis, report recording, etc.). I would ask you to cancel any agreed appointments well in advance (by phone or e-mail).

I explicitly point out that, as a therapist, I am bound by professional secrecy towards third parties for the entire duration of the treatment and beyond, unless you were to request otherwise.